Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old friends are the best!

I had a dinner date with some of my oldest and dearest friends. Not old people, you know what I mean! Sharonda, Katie, Kathy, and I were all in the same class in elementary school...was it 2nd or 3rd grade we were all first together at North View Elementary School? Sharonda and I were also neighbors. Middle school boundaries split us apart, and then Kathy and Sharonda actually moved away before high school, but Katie and I were best buds the longest I guess. She was the only one that I had stayed in touch with over the years...but with the aid of the internet, we all were able to reconnect and made plans to get together Friday night. We had a 7pm reservation in Elmhurst at Francesca's and closed the place down. They were smart to seat us in a corner because we were laughing and carrying on the whole time. It was really fun to sit and look around the table at familiar faces and remember old times and just learn all about each others families and our lives over the past 25 years since we were all playing Oregon Trail and being grossed out by our 5th grade teacher who cleaned her overhead projector with coffee. I'm making a mental note now to make plans more often. I am happy to report that the house was not burned to the ground and the children had not killed one another while I was gone! Thanks girls for a great night!

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