Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad blogger!

Yep, it's been a couple months since I posted...AGAIN! But summer is here, so theoretically, since I'm off work for a couple months, I *should* be able to blog more often. Of course, we've been busier than ever, and running around like crazy. Trying to cram as much fun as we can in every day! Here are some pictures of the kids from the park in our neighborhood that has a water thingie (for lack of better name!)

As you can see, it's more than just the Russells, we seem to attract the other neighborhood children. I babysit 2 girls down the street a couple days a week, and every day I have one extra (Adriana)...plus the 2 little girls across the street who are always over, AND we have new neighbors with 2 MORE little girls. It's just a madhouse, and poor Jack is STILL the only boy! But, he seems to be handling things OK, he's teaching all the girls to play Yu-Gi-Oh, and gets away to play with Keith and Brandon as often as he can!

The girls hair is getting so long, especially Carmella and Gina. We all love long hair, but WOW, we all shed like you wouldn't believe. My carpet just seems to collect hairballs, and we don't even have a cat! Yuck! I keep threatening short haircuts because the little girls don't really like to have their hair brushed or put up in braids...but I guess that's all talk, I'm not cutting mine either.

You can't tell in this picture, but Nora has been somewhat accident-prone this year. Luckily she hasn't broken ay more bones since her foot incident, but she sure is bruised up quite a bit! She has big scabs on both knees, both elbows, a wrist, and the palm of one of her hands! It's usually from those darn Heelies that she just HAD to have, but she has also fallen off a bicycle. Good thing she's not a picker!

Well, this summer should have more blogging opportunities...we just started Drama Camp and Jack is in a week-long golf program called the First Tee. I'm playing taxi driver, but it's all worth it for those couple of peaceful hours in the middle of the day! Today, I actually became an official Illinois driver...got my new license, and we just moved here 10 months ago - haha!