Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jack's on Track

OK I was trying to come up with a witty title for this seeing as Jack and track rhyme, but now I'm thinking of other things like "Jack's on Crack" or "Jack Running Track - that's so Whack!" (It's way past my bedtime, can you tell?)'s true, Jack has joined the track team at school, for about a month now he has been staying after school until 5pm every day to practice. He was incredibly sore at first, but seems to have adjusted well. It's funny though, I always thought of track as "that running sport" which held absolutely no interest to me...but lo and behold, my son loves it. Little did I know, he doesn't have to like running. His 3 events that he participated in for his first meet today were shotput, long jump, and discus.

We met up at the high school after school at 4pm for this meet and didn't get to leave until around 6:30pm. The 3 district middle schools were all there, and though it seemed a little unorganized and very different from any sporting event I had ever been to, it was fun just the same. I was able to follow Jack around to his events with my camera around my neck. I'm not sure if that made me look official enough, or if they really don't care that a parent was on the field! Regardless, I got some nice pictures of my boy doing his thing.

They didn't have any medal ceremonies after the meet like the olympics, so I really have no idea who won...or how they even decide who wins something like this. But Cowherd seemed to do well winning several of the races we watched, and they specifically had some superstars in the long jump and discus throwing competitions. As far as I know, Jack did a great job for his first time. Regardless, I am really proud of him!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cougars game - take 2

Well what a week! Not only did I get to see the Cougars with Jack on Monday...but I got to have a deja-vu day on Tuesday as I met Gina and several hundred of HER classmates at the game for another Ozzie Reading Program celebration! And Gina, not being a moody middle schooler, actually walked onto the field for the pre-game parade with Ozzie! She was a little embarrassed when her friends pointed out that I was yelling her name and waving wildly while trying to take her picture! (That's by far one of my FAVORITE parts of being a mom - embarrassing the kids!)

Gina's school had much better seats, right behind the Cougars dugout...but the more I think about it, they are probably smart to put those middle schoolers out by left field! I got to visit with my old co-workers and friends from Allen School, and then when they had to leave to get back, Gina got to stay with me at the game and we had some quality one-on-one time before we had to leave to get the other kids from their schools.

As you can see here, Gina had a runin with a blue slushie that might still be stained on her face. Eww!

As for the other girls, Carmella thinks that her school will also be going to a Cougars game...but we don't know when just yet. I will look forward to another day at the ballpark whenever that happens though! Nora asked her teachers and they apparently did not sign up for this particular program. They told her she could go with her home school, but OOPS, that was Monday, so I guess she missed her chance.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cougars game - take 1

I got a chance to see the Kane County Cougars game with Jack today...and several hundred of his middle school classmates. This is the annual "Ozzie" reading program that several of the district schools participate in. The kids have certain tasks to complete throughout the school year and their reward is a field trip to the game along with a t-shirt, hotdog and drink - all free! Yay!

The last 2 years I attended as a school employee, and that was certainly not as much fun as just showing up at the game as a mom with camera in hand. No responsibilities of counting heads or escorting students to bathrooms or concessino stands...just a nice relaxing day at the ballpark! And a huge bonus was the incredibly awesome weather - I even got my first sunburn of the year. Enough about me though, the true excitement of the day was Jack getting to play the national anthem with the band before the game. They did a wonderful job, and I was so glad to get to see my boy perform. It was well worth the red nose and farmer's tan/burn!