Friday, July 11, 2008

7, 9, 10 & 11

Yep, that's their ages. I kind of like this time of year, between Carmella's and Nora's birthdays...makes me feel REALLY crazy to think I have so many kids so close in age. I guess 7, 9, 11 & 12 doesn't sound all that much better, oh well! It made for a good scrapbook page title when they were 4, 3, 2, and NEW. Here are some pictures from the little girls' birthdays. We have yet to do a party for Carmella, it's so hard with a summer birthday getting in touch with school friends. She isn't quite as social as Nora trading phone numbers with everyone...well not yet anyway! These pictures may look like parties, but they are just us having cake with our neighbors. Have I mentioned how fun it is on this block and how many GIRLS there are??? Poor Jack!

Other than the birthday excitement, the kids have been keeping busy with their Drama Camp...6 weeks of FUN compliments of the City of Aurora! The play they are putting on is The Music Man. All 4 kids will be in the play, the younger two also have a smaller play (Really Rosie) which will be performed during the intermission of the Music Man. Nora sings a solo in a couple of songs, she has minor roles. Jack is one of the leads, Tommy Djiles(?) and he also plays one of the Quartet (Ewart). He can't play both roles at the same time because they share scenes, but the play is triple-cast in some instances because there were so many children in the camp (130+!) So, his BIG performance where he plays Tommy will be on Tuesday evening, July 22nd at West Aurora High School at 7pm! And Nora will be the farmer's wife that night as well. The littles are in the chorus of the big play, and truthfully, other than hearing them since some of the songs from Rosie, I have no idea what they are doing for that! All I know for sure is that all 4 of these kids LOVE drama camp & are already talking about doing it again next summer!

We have been swimming whenever we can, and LOVE that we are so close to Philips Park. It hasn't been too crowded the couple times we have been there, and the kids love the water slides! I love that they are all good swimmers and I can work on my tan. :)

We also went "camping" with my Aunt Diane up at the lake. We swam in the pool instead of the lake, but that was OK with the kids. And later on we had a campfire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows - definitely no complaints there!

It feels like summer is slipping away much too quickly. We saw school supplies out already at the WalMart this week - eek! I haven't done near as much scrapbooking as I wanted to...seems my "free time" while the kids are at camp isn't being used to the best of my abilities. I'm still a week behind watching my soap, there's still a mountain of laundry, and I haven't even gone grocery shopping without the kids but maybe once! Iy iy iy.