Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We're famous!

OK well not exactly, but the assistant principal asked me the other day if they could put this picture of me and Jack on the school's website, and of course I agreed. Personally, I would have cropped it a little like maybe above my hips..but anyway. No complaints, because Jack looks awesome, and I am still so proud of him! We're studying some killer words for the next spelling bee...I'm beginning to think I'm not smarter than my 5th grader!



tm1 said...

LOL I always want to crop my hips too. Congratulations!!

Angie Arthur said...

You two are famous now! FWIW, you look great in the picture too.

Now, get busy studying your spelling words lady! (I'm checking this over real quick to make sure I didn't misspell anything.)

Mitzi Koons said...

WOW, Mimi! That's awesome!!! Way to go JACK!!!! YOU ROCK MY MAN!!!! :o) It's a great picture of you both - what a memory to treasure.