Thursday, January 10, 2008

Signed, sealed, and extremely itchy!

Well, Russ requested a picture of Nora's cast with all it's signatures, so here she is! She is doing very well on the crutches, though she scares not only me, but also the nurse at school who saw how fast she was going down the hallway today and felt the need to come warn me in my classroom. The only "problem" for Nora is the itchies...they started yesterday, and we had been warned about how best to try and combat them with cool air as opposed to a wire hanger which sounded like heaven to Nora! So she has her fan propped up next to her bed and hopefully has her leg positioned right (like Jerry Clower) to have the air go in one side and out the other and dry up any moisture so she doens't itch so much. I almost hate to remind her it's only been 3 days, she still has 18 left to go - eek!

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Jun Bug House said...

Aren't you just pretty in pink.
Healing prayers for ya kiddo!
Aunt Nance