Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Good-bye 2007, and hellooooooo 2008! I can't say that I'm sorry to see the last year go, it was a rough one. I'm hopeful for a better 2008. It started out really, really, and I do mean REALLY cold. The temperature was in the teens, but it may as well have been 80 below because the wind was atrocious, and I swear I got frostbite right through my cute little leopard-looking fuzzy gloves while trying to take some sledding pictures. As it turns out though, I shouldn't have bothered, the pics I like best are the close-ups that I took of the kids faces as they were walking back to the car. Now if I could just have those 15 minutes of my life back...I would stay in the nice toasty car and just stick the camera out the window when the time was right! The kids had a blast anyway, though Carmie and Gina both felt terrible about knocking people down when they were going 100 mph on the new sleds Grandma gave them for Christmas! Those little saucers don't really come with a steering wheel. I told the girls that I'm sure nobody was upset about it, but having been out in that cold myself for a few minutes not so sure if I would have been OK with being knocked down into the snow...well, anyway, all's well that ends well. Here are some pics of my frozen kiddos. :)

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Angie Arthur said...

I love, love, LOVE these pictures. Absolutely beautiful!