Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving

The kids were very adamant that we had to put up the Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. They must have forgotten last year's fiasco with the !@$# dog chewing off the cord of our pre-lit tree that was only a year old! I ended up getting rid of it before we moved, so I got up EXTRA early on Black Friday morning. Kohl's had been advertising that they were opening at 4am, and I saw they had a pre-lit tree on I got there about 3:30am. Not because I wanted to stand in line in the cold, just because I had gone to sleep SO early the night before, I couldn't fall back asleep when I woke up before 3. I wasn't the first one there though, there WERE some crazies standing outside in line...quite a few crazies, come to think of it. And I'm STILL not sure what the big draw was, but there was absolutely no pushing or shoving, and I got a Christmas tree very quickly and was back out the door by 4:05am. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten good deals on many other things, but the tree was all that I had on The List. And big crowds and long lines and I don't get along that well. So anyway, I was back home and sleeping in the recliner for a while before the kids even got up. When they saw the box, they got really excited though, so I was able to bribe them into helping me clean up the living room. When they went for a walk in the afternoon, I set up the tree, and the kids got it all decorated when they got back home. It's beautiful, and it has all white lights like I've always wanted. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Betsy said...

It looks great! And the Santas on your NEW bookcase too! It looks so warm and inviting! You sound good too. I hope all is well.
Betz : )

Angie Arthur said...

Your tree is beautiful ~ I can't believe you are done decorating already. AGH! I haven't even started.