Sunday, November 04, 2007

Glasses again

Well whaddaya know, Nora needs glasses in 4th grade too, just like Jack, and just like me, and just like Grandma and Auntie Gigi. It's a tradition, I guess. Here she is trying out her frames at the Costco. She only needs to wear them for reading or doing work at her desk. I guess she's far-sighted, go figure. Let's just hope she takes a little better care of them than Jack does his. I think more days than not, he just forgets to wear his glasses. I've had to bend them back to the right shape more times than I care to count. Boys! I also got Carmella's eyes checked while we were there, and she has a slight far-sighted prescription as well, but because of her astigmatism (also a hereditary gift from Grandma and me) it is kind of cancelled out, so she doesn't need glasses just yet. Maybe next year when she's in 4th grade!


Angie Arthur said...

Aw ~ poor girl! I can relate as I had to get glasses in third grade and hated them. Her glasses are much, much cuter than mine were though!

tm1 said...

She's such a cutie.

Jun Bug House said...

They are growing so fast.
Love the glasses.
Love the "one" halloween picture. LOL
I can't believe you only got one!!!
Hugs sweetie!

Gigi said...

Yay, Nora!
Welcome to the Club. All the Coolest Kids (and Aunties) wear glasses, you know. ;)
And your frames are waaaaaaaaay cuter than mine.
Miss you!!!

Katie Jones said...

they are cute!