Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Culver's Night layout

These pictures were on my desk for a while. I remember when I got them printed, I was still working at Allen School, so early 2008. I actually brought my pictures to school and was drawing sketches planning this page. Well...2 years later, here it is! :) It's not exactly how I had sketched it, but I guess that's the nature of a sketch anyway. I love seeing the kids with their old teachers, and they do too, though Gina said - who is that with me? (Sorry Catrina, even though you're the one teacher that I became good friends with and still keep in touch with, I think we need to get together more often!!!) Now I think I'm up to pumkpin patch pictures, then Thanksgiving, and of course a bunch of Christmas and then the second half of 2007 will be done. The first half was a little tumultuous with the freshness of my separation, so I don't think I have very many pictures from that time. I could be wrong, but I have plenty of pictures already printed to scrap before I start to go back and see what might be missing!

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