Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Visiting with Cousins

Whoops, another month went by and I haven't blogged here. Keeping up with 2 blogs is not working out so much. In case you haven't seen it yet, I'm working on posting a photo a day at my other blog, http://mimisphotos2008.blogspot.com/, but I'm not actually taking photos every day unfortunately. Seems during the week when we are in school, there just isn't much to photograph, or there's not enough time, or I'm just not that organized to remember to grab the camera...or a combination of all those things. Anyway...

Gigi & the kids came to town for a (long overdue) visit with the babies. Ella Rose is no longer a newborn, she's rolling over and drooling like crazy (Gigi doesn't believe me, but she's teething) and she is just as cute as a button. Cuter, actually. And the boys are AMAZING, I'm still not sure how Will got to be 2 years old already?! He's talking like crazy, very well I might add, and to see him and Ben play together is just so fun. Ben is a pure joy, when we first saw him, he won us all over by just repeating whatever anyone said. He loved getting piggy-back rides on his cousins' backs, and just had a ball whenever we got together.

I'm just posting one of the many, many pictures I took throughout the week they were here. You can see more at my other blog if you want. I'm having Ella Rose withdrawals already, so the kids and I are going to plan a road trip to go visit SC this summer. Only 47 more school days left - wahoo!

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