Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh yeah, he's a MATHLETE too!

If I haven't bragged enough about my boy Jack lately, let me just tell you one more accolade he has added to his growing resume! Tonight, Jack was in a Mathlete competition held at the middle school he will attend next year. He found out last week that he scored well enough to be one of the 5 fifth graders from Allen School to make it onto the competition team. Unfortunately, there was a lot of snow this afternoon, and only Jack and ONE other boy from our school showed up for the meet. Each of the other 11 schools had a full team of 5 students. They didn't let that stop them though, the two boys won the whole darn thing! Well the speed round competition thing they did in the gym in front of the audience anyway. The individual testing, I'm not so sure about, I only know Jack didn't get a trophy for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd overall scores. We aren't too worried about that though, because WAHOO, our school gets to have the plaque displayed for the next year, and it's all thanks to Jack and Cesar! These pictures are not wonderful, I am really not happy with my digital camera lately. I'm almost ready to go back to film. But anyway...hooray for Jack, the little smarty pants. He gets that from me. :)


Jun Bug House said...

Look out world, here comes Jack!!!!
Way to go Mom!!!!!
You are doing an awesome job!
Jack has just bloomed with this move and new life.
Now you know you did the right thing.
Never doubt yourself again!
This is living proof, right her in this blog!
You go girl, no turning back now!!!!
Woo Woo Mimi!

Angie Arthur said...

Black River is missing Jack Russell ~ that's for sure! Congrats Jack ~ what an incredible job in school you are doing!

Congrats to the proud Mama too. :)

jescandlon said...

Congrats to Jack!! Sounds like you are all really settling in. I am so glad to hear it. We do miss you here though.