Monday, October 22, 2007

10/20/30 years ago

My pal Tiffany tagged me with this little "meme" which I can only imagine might stand for memory??? (Am I close?) Anyway...thought it was fun, who doesn't like a little stroll down Memory Lane every now and then???

Where was I 10 years ago?

In 1997, I/we were living in Starkville, Mississippi. Nora was born in September of that year and we had a worrisome/stressful month or so after her birth. But by this time, things were settling down, and I was adjusting to being mom-of-two. Jack was walking. Nora was crying. We think she had a touch of colic, but it wasn't so bad. They were both healthy and we were a happy little family of 4. I hadn't yet started scrapbooking, but I took plenty of pictures. I enjoyed cross-stitching and spent a lot of time online while nursing the baby. OK the only picture of me scrapbooked for the year 1997 must be this one with Baby Jack...I was pregnant with Nora, and look how long my hair was - I haven't let it get that long since then!

Where was I 20 years ago?

In 1987, I was 13 years the 8th grade at Hubert H. Hunphrey Middle School, the school colors were an atrocious green and yellow. In 8th grade, I was a cheerleader and on the volleyball and softball teams. I might have still been on the Math Team too, yikes! I hung out with Megan O'Connor and Sue Burt (Sooz!) I was crazy about the Chicago Cubs and had my room decorated in red and blue, with a huge Cubs logo mural on the wall. There were posters (mostly of ball players) on the walls and ceiling. I was wearing braces and had my hair shaved on one side. Yikes again! What a shame I don't have any pictures from this era scanned or scrapped. Hahaha!

Where was I 30 years ago?

In 1977, I was 3 years old. I have no significant memories from this time, but loads of photos in magnetic albums, thanks to my mom! She was so good about putting all her pictures in albums, unfortunately, acid-free was not a term she was familiar with. (She still might not be, come to think of it, but she does scrapbook on occasion!) I haven't scrapped many old pictures of myself, but here's one of me and my sister from 1976 (close enough!) Gigi is on the left side, I am on the right in the individual pics.

And now I get to tag some other bloggers to see if they want to play along with this 10/20/30 Meme...whatever that might be! So, I tag:

KatieJ (who I don't think is 30 yet...but I am sure will have something witty and fun to say about that!)

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